Dance Multi

I am delighted to welcome you all back to the studio from Monday 7th September.

Please see below the Post COVID 19 Policies in place (these will be available via your portal also). I’d be grateful that you all adhere to the policy set out.


Mountway School of Dancing-Post COVID 19 Policies

In and around the studios

  • Please sanitize your hands before entering and after exiting the studios/common room/toilets.
  • Please remove ALL outdoor footwear before entering the studios. This applies to parents/carers collecting students.
  • Absolutely NO food is to be consumed within the studios. Bottled water only may be brought and consumed within the studios if necessary.
  • Please ensure dancing shoes are worn during each lesson-NO BARE FEET! This will be compulsory for Jazz/Modern classes-if you don’t have jazz shoes, ballet shoes will be acceptable for class, but NOT for exams.
  • The second hand uniforms and shoes will be exempt temporarily until guidelines change. Please be extra vigilant that you have all uniform and dance footwear required for each class. (If you wish to sell/swap uniforms between yourselves, then this is at at your own discretion-Mountway will not be accountable/responsible for these arrangements.)
  • Masks are advised for over parents/carers when waiting within the communal areas before and after class.
  • Please utilise all space available within our perimeter for drop offs/collections-i.e. the landing by the common room and down the stairs but not just the landing area by the studios. DO NOT use the  left hand side of the stairs where other building users have offices, with which are completely out of bounds.

Collection/drop offs for Adult students/Grades 4 plus

  • Please arrive on time for your class/es (not early) and where possible, be ready dressed and groomed.
  • Avoid hanging around in the common room before and after classes when not necessary.
  • Please enter through the main green door independently and exit independently via the main green door.
  • Avoid any friends/relatives unnecessarily waiting around and within the building.


Collection and drop offs for Grades 1-3

  • Please arrive on time for your class/es (not early) and where possible, be ready dressed and groomed.
  • Avoid hanging around in the common room before and after classes when not necessary.
  • Only ONE parent/carer may enter to bring you into the building for your class/es and then must promptly leave when you are in the studio.
  • For exiting, please do not enter the building again to collect the child. A teacher/teaching assistant will bring the children down to the green main door after the class.
  • If you are not by the green door ready to collect your child, we will bring them back to the waiting area by the stairwell on the studio floor to be collected.


Collection/drop offs for Toddler classes/Pre Primary/Primary level

  • Where possible, please avoid bringing other family members/friends to the studios to enable social distancing.
  • Please arrive on time (not early), dressed/groomed ready for your classes.
  • ONE parent/carer should enter the building to drop off the child.
  • ONE parent / carer should enter the building to collect the child.
  • Where possible, during lesson times, please avoid waiting in and around the building to enable social distancing. Just ensure you are ready for collection time at the end of the class.

NB-When Studio 2 is not in use, we shall use it as a holding area after class to allow the next class to enter studio 1.

Use of equipment

  • Please provide your own Yoga mats for Pilates classes and Adult ballet classes.

Personal well being/health

  • If you have any symptoms of COVID, please stay away and follow the Government guidelines for self-isolation. Or seek medical advice. This also applies to staff members.

Mountway School of Dancing’s responsibilities

  • To maintain good ventilation throughout the studios, common room and toilets to the best of our ability.
  • To continually sterilise the ballet barres and door handles in between every class.
  • To continually cleanse all props used within lessons (i.e. Wands, Musical Instruments).
  • Using a professional cleaning contactor, the whole building will be deeply cleaned on a weekly basis, along with staff daily cleaning of floors, mirrors, handrails, door handles and barres.
  • To provide an adequate degree of social distancing measures within lessons through our duty of care.
  • To adhere to the RAD & ISTD guidelines and policies.