Dance Multi

                  RAD Exam Fees 2020                                   ISTD Exam Fees 2020

Primary in Dance £43
Grade 1 £44
Grade 2 £46
Grade 3 £50
Grade 4 £53
Grade 5 £56
Grade 6 £59
Grade 7 £61
Grade 8 £63
Intermediate Foundation £85
Intermediate £87
Primary Class Test £26.75
Grade 1 £38.50
Grade 2 £40.50
Grade 3 £47.25
Grade 4 £49.25
Grade 5 £52.50
Grade 6 £55.75
Bronze £31.25
Silver £33.25
Gold £35.25
Intermediate Foundation £74.00
Intermediate £81.75
Advanced One £89.00

Exam fees are applicable if/when partaking in examinations in both boards-ISTD & RAD. These fees are billed separately and paid to Mountway, with whom submit the fees to the examining board upon entries. After submission of entries, these fees are NON REFUNDABLE, unless you have a legitimate/medical reason for withdrawing, whereby written evidence (eg, Doctors note) will need to be given to the examining board along with various other forms to cancel. The board at their own discretion will then make a decision and issue part refunds.

You are under no obligation to take exams, however if you do opt to do so, you are expected to attend an additional exam coaching session alongside your normal class leading up to the date of the exam. Full commitment is required-if you can’t commit, then please opt out of exams. The extra lesson fees are £55.00 and are added to your invoice at the start of the term with which you are taking your exam.

Exam fees and extra lesson fees will be added to your invoice for the start of the new term with which you are taking the exam/s. These fees are into the school account, details are available on your invoice.