Dance Multi

Term Fees (from January 2022)

(based on 12 sessions per term, over 3 terms a year)

ALL FEES must be paid within 4 weeks of invoice without fail! Invoices will emailed and available on your customer portal the day before the new term starts.

Invoices will include any additional items, eg. extra lesson fees for exams and also exam fees etc, the day before the new term starts.

  • Single ½ hr class per term- £55.00
  • Single 40/45min class-£64.00
  • Single 1 hr class per term-£70.00
  • Pointe work class per term-£45.00
  • Single 1.5 hr class per term- £82.00
  • Exam extra lessons- £55.00
  • Private lessons (30 minute session) per term- £132.00
  • Junior Musical Theatre Jazz per term- £72.00
  • Senior Musical Theatre Jazz per term- £78.00

If you are new to Mountway or an existing student trying a new genre, you are entitled to a free trial class. This will be deducted from the full terms fees if you wish to join and continue thereafter. If you are new and joining part way through a term, the remaining fees will be calculated and worked out on a 12 week per term pro rata basis and inclusive of any free trials. But still complying with the above payment policy whereby you just settle the invoice within 4 weeks.

Please note that a full terms commitment is applicable thereafter you have registered to join Mountway School of Dancing. You MUST notify the principal, Miss Verity, if you no longer wish to continue via EMAIL ONLY. If this is partway through a term, a full terms fee is applicable. Please see the full policy available on your portal!!

Exam fees

Exam fees are applicable if/when partaking in examinations in both boards-ISTD & RAD. These fees are billed separately and paid to Mountway, with whom submit the fees to the examining board upon entries. After submission of entries, these fees are NON REFUNDABLE, unless you have a legitimate/medical reason for withdrawing, whereby written evidence (eg, Doctors note) will need to be given to the examining board along with various other forms to cancel. The board at their own discretion will then make a decision and issue part refunds.



All cheques can be made payable to ‘Mountway School of Dancing Limited’. If paying by cheque, please ensure the student’s name is on the reverse.


If paying by cash, please place in a sealed and clearly marked envelope with the CORRECT AMOUNT.


The NEW FEES Account Details for BACs Payment :

If you prefer to pay via BACs, please use the students full name with whom you are paying as a reference.

Sort Code-09 01 29      Account Number-31823865

Late Fee Policy

From January 2022:

All fees must be paid within 4 weeks from invoice. Invoices will be sent the day before the term starts via email and uploaded on your portal. Failure to do so will result in a £10.00 late fee added to your invoice. Please see full fees policy on your portal!


There is no Enrollment fee at Mountway School of Dancing. Just arrange to come along to a free trial lesson before enrolling.